FARO Focus laser scanner enables fast as well as accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings inside or outside. The device can easily be used in numerous application fields: architecture, civil engineering, geodesy, capturing accidents and crime scenes.

The device is used by our engineers and allows measurement of complex structures of ship construction: blocks, sections, pipe routing, arrangement of elements in rooms and compartments of the ship, for example ship power plants, funnel etc.

The portable 3D scanner enables accurate and detailed point cloud that can easily be imported into all commonly used engineers’ programs and in the result it can process data.

Among FARO Focus applications, there is also registration of inventory data. The scan data provides an accurate three-dimensional model of the actual status of the building. This offers a stable basic for planning of construction changes.

Another example of usage is reverse engineering, that enables reconstruction of existing object or designing new one, on a basis of collected data. Moreover, copies of products and components, for which there are no construction plans and data available, can be done.

The laser scanner is an ideal tool for our highly-qualified engineers who use it in projects that require installation of Ballast Water Treatment System – BWTS and in Exhaust Gas Cleaning System – EGCS, as well as in changes in funnel area and fitted absorption tower (so- called Scrubber). On the basis of data collected conceptual, basic, and detail design are being done.

More information about application of scanner can be found on the website of producer FARO Focus www.faro.com .