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Seacon Engineering is an independent design office located in Gdańsk – the heart of Polish shipbuilding industry.

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Our Consulting services provide expert advice and solutions to various challenges and needs that arise in the process of designing, building, and operating ships.



Our consulting services provide expertise to navigate the complex, multidisciplinary process of designing, constructing and operating ships.

Project management involves the systematic planning, execution, and control of tasks and resources to achieve specific project goals. In ship design and construction, project management ensures that all aspects of a project, from concept to completion, are well-coordinated, on schedule, and within budget. It helps in achieving efficient and successful project outcomes.

Reverse engineering is the process of deconstructing and analyzing a product or component to understand its design and functionality. In shipbuilding, it can involve disassembling and inspecting a vessel or component to gain insights into its construction or to replicate and improve upon it.


Geometry control focuses on maintaining precise measurements and alignments during the shipbuilding process. It ensures that the vessel’s components and structures meet the design specifications, guaranteeing structural integrity and performance.

Plane flatness checks involve assessing the flatness of surfaces, such as the ship’s deck or hull sections. This measurement is crucial to ensure that the ship’s components fit together accurately and that the vessel maintains stability and hydrodynamic efficiency.

Visualizations in ship design refer to the creation of graphical representations or 3D models of a ship’s design. These visualizations provide a clear and realistic view of the vessel’s appearance and layout, aiding in design evaluation, client communication, and marketing efforts.

Supervision in the context of ship design and construction involves overseeing and managing the various stages of shipbuilding to ensure that work is carried out according to the design specifications, quality standards, and safety regulations.

Engineering support at a client’s premises entails deploying engineering experts to the client’s location, whether it’s a shipyard or other facility. This support ensures that the client’s specific needs and requirements are met during the design or construction process, facilitating a smooth and collaborative project execution.

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